These are our latest additions. Check back often as we continue to create new designs and fashions.  

Scottie Dog Skirt & Sparkly Blouse for your Wellie

Item 333S.


White Ice Skater, Skirt & Leggings

Item 342W



Petal Dress for your Wellie

Item 353.


Pink Princess Dress for your Wellie.

Item 362.


Pink Sun Dress and Hat

Item 416.


Columbian Charm Dress

Item 408.


Blue Sun Dress and Hat

Item 409.


Wellie Cats Pajamas

Item 377.


Our Short Petal Dress

Item 437.


Fur Trimmed Maroon Ice Skater (skates sold separately)

Item 513A.


Baby Shark Beach Romper & Hat

Item 627.


Float Dress features Sophia One

Item 618.


Foat Dress featuring Abby

Item 638.


Tunic, Pants & Headband

Item 654M


This is just a sample of our new shoes. Visit the ACCESSORIES page to see the selection.

White Bikini Undies



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