These items are being phased out of inventory to make room for our new fashions. They are limited in quantity and are being sold by 50% or more below their original price.

Jump Suit, Bolero & Bling Belt

Item S108.

Originally priced at $22.00;  Clearance price is $12.00


Pants, purple poncho & beret

Item S516P.

Original cost was $19.00Clearance price is $10.00

Aqua Skirt & Applique Tee

Item S235.

Original cost was $13.00Clearance price is $6.50

Winter Wonderland includes blouse, skirt & belt.

Item S221.

Originally priced at $18.00;  Clearance price is $9.00

Ruffles in Blue  – jacket, blouse, ruffled skirt & belt

Item S206.

Original cost was $17.00clearance price is $8.50

Capris & Top

Capris & Top.

Item S47.

Originally $12.50, on sale for $6.00.

Multi-colored skate or gymnastic outfit.

Item S513-4

Original price was $16.00; Clearance price is $8.00

Claret Halter Neck Ice Skater

Item S513-1.

Originally $16.00; Sale priced at $8.00

Skirt & Sequin Peplum Top (also available in purple or white – not shown)

Item S243.

Originally priced at $16.00;  Clearance price is $8.00


Dress and A-line Jacket

Item S436.

Originally priced at $15.00; Clearance price is $8.00

Deep Blue Snowflake Coat & Hat

Item S508.

Originally priced at $18.00;  Clearance price is $9.00

Green Long-sleeved top & Froggie-bottomed Pajamas

Item S718.

Originally priced at $13.50;  Clearance price is $7.00

Skirt, tee and Skulls & Hearts leggings

Item S214.

Originally priced at $16.00;  Clearance price is $8.00

Pink Dress for your Wellie

Item S360.

Originally priced at $12.00, Clearance priced at $6.00

Koala Tunic  & Pants for Bitty Baby

Item S654K.

Originally priced at $15.00;  Clearance price is $8.00

Pants, Long-sleeved tee, Pointed vest & Necklace

Item S8

Originally $16.00, on sale for $8.00.

Red, white & blue dress & jacket for your Wellie

Item S331.

Originally priced at $13.00, Clearance priced at $7.00

Arrrrrrrrrr Mates – Shorts & Prate Tee

Item S12.

Originally S13.50; Sale priced at $7.00

Spring Halter Dress

Item S420.

Originally $10.00;  Sale priced at $5.,00

Leggings, Flannel Shirt & Hobo Bag

Item S24P.

Originally $16.00, clearance price is $8.00

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