We have a nice variety of clothes for your doll to wear when you and she go out to play or travel, as well as some “just for fun” stuff you will both enjoy.

Silver Sparkle Leggings & Pink Skate Peplum Top

Item 9.


Earmuffs, Long-sleeved tee, vest and leggings will keep your doll warm on those cold winter days.

Item 20.


Fleece Jacket, leggings, scarf & headband.

Item 501.


4-piece Winter Set includes a beret, sweatshirt, skirt & leggings.

Item 512.


Panda Hoodie & Leggings

Item 526.


Born to Ski Top, leggings and fleece hat, skis & poles.  Boots sold seperatly)

Item 529.


Cheetah Sweater, Leggings & Headband

Item 531.


Cat Hat, jacket & leggings.

Item 544.


Tie dye fleece jacket & jeans.

Item 545.


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