Shoes, socks, tights, glasses, panties, hats and miscellaneous stuff galore. Items marked with an * fit 15 inch and 18 inch dolls.

Flowered Bikini Undies

Item 803F.



Pink Flower Bikini Undies
Item 803PF.

Pink Bunny Undies

Item 803R


Pink Flowered Shoes

Item 840PK.


Tan Suede Ewe Boots

Item 816.


Black Lace-up Boots

Black Lace-up Boots.

Item 814.


Pink Suede Boots

Pink Suede Boots with side zippers.

Item 817.


850 White Ice Skates

White Ice Skates

Item 850.


Tall Black Boots

Tall Black Boots with side zippers.

Item 807.


White Snow Boots

White Fur-topped Snow Boots with side zippers.

Item 809.


Black Ballet Flats

Black Ballet Flats

Item 835.


Slouch Hat

Slouch Hat in Red, black or white

Item 994.



Pink Ducs

Pink Ducs.

Item 821P.


Braided Silver Sandals

Item 828.


Black Lo-Cut Sneakers

Item 852.


Tan Suede Flats

Item 822.


Soccer Shoes

Soccer Shoes.

Item 851.


Tortoise Shell Glasses

Tortoise Shell Framed Glasses

Item 891T.


Aviator Glasses

Aviator Sun Glasses.

Item 893AV.


Silver Glitter High Heeled Shoes
Item 837.


White Socks

White Socks.  *

Item 801.


Blue Rimmed Glasses

Item 898.


White Panties

White Panties.   *

Item 804W.



Tights in black or white.

Item 805.



Black Bow Shoes

Item 840B.


Red Bow Shoes

Red Bow Shoes

Item 840R.


Gold Bow Shoes

Gold Bow Shoes.

Item 840G.


White Bow Shoes

Item 840W.


White Ducs

White Ducs.

Item 821W.


Red Glitter Bow Shoes

Red Glitter Bow Shoes

Item 840RG.


Silver Bow Shoes

Silver Bow Shoes.

Item 840S.


861H - Hot Pink Fuzzy Slippers

Hot Pink Fuzzy Slippers

Item 861H.


Mermaid Sleeping Bag with attached pillow

Item 952.


836 - Pink Ballet Flats

Pink Ballet Flats

Item 836.


841 - Peep Toe Flats

Peep Toe Shoes

Item 841.


Purp Rhinestones

Purple Rhinestone Framed Glasses

Item 894Pp.


Doll; Clothes Hangers

A six pack of doll clothes hangers.

Item 951.


860 - Bunny Slippers

Bunny Slippers

Item 860.


842 - Saddle Shoes

Black & White Saddle Shoes.

Item 842.


Pink Sequined Sneakers

Pink Sequined Sneakers.

Item 855.


Black Hi-tops

Black Hi-Top Sneakers.

Item 857.



White no-tie Leather Sneakers

Item 853.


 Black Sneaks

Baby Black Sneakers.

Item 876B.



Baby Brown Suede Boots

Brown Suede Ewe Boots for Bitty Baby.

Item 871.


Baby Mary Janes

Mary Janes for Bitty in Pink, Black, Red or White.

 Item 868.



White Sneaks

Baby White Sneakers.

Item 876W.


895 - Heart Sunglasses

Heart Sunglasses

Item 895.


896 - Rainbow Sunglasses

Rainbow Sunglasses

Item 896.


897 - Blue Dot Sunglasses

Blue Dot Sunglasses

Item 897.


Gold Oval Framed Glasses

Gold Oval Framed Glasses.

Item 893LSG.


Unicorn Headband

Item 998


Pink Rhinestone Glasses

Pink Rhinestone Framed Glasses

Item 894P.


Green Flip Flops

Green Sequined Flip Flops have a clear ankle strap to hold them on

Item 823G.


Gold Headband

Gold Headband

Item 990G.


Black Framed Glasses

Black Framed Glasses.

Item 893B


Pink Headband

Pink Headband

Item 990P.


Lavender Headband

Lavender Headband

Item 990L.


Silver Headband

Silver Headband

Item 990S.


Red Headband

Red Headband

Item 990R.


White Headband

White Headband

Item 990W.


Red Sandals

Red Studded Sandals.

Item 825.


White Flip Flops

White Sequined Flip Flops have a clear ankle strap to hold them on.

Item 823W.


Lavender Flip Flops have a clear ankle strap to hold them on.

Item 823L.


Pink Flip Flops

Pink Sequined Flip Flops have a clear ankle strap to keep them on.

Item 823P.


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