Sleepwear for all seasons Рpajamas, nightgowns and bathrobes for your doll at bedtime.  Slippers are sold on the ACCESSORIES page.

Short-sleeved cotton Koala pajamas

Item 701


Fleece Panda Onesie

Item 708.


Flannel Horses & Flowers {PJ’s

Item 709.


Satin Unicorn Pajamas

Item 711.


Flannel Pink Panda & Star Pajamas

Item 715.


The Grinch loungewear for the girl or the boy

Item 719.

$17.00 each

Ho,ho,ho pajamas for you doll’s holiday sleeping includes nightcap

Item 729.


Flannel Short-Sleeved Foxy Loxy Pajamas

Item 737.


Flannel Short sleeved Pajamas  covered with Giraffes

Item 739.


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